The Effect of Covid-19 on People Living with HIV

The Covid-19 pandemic is a universal emergency plaguing the entire world health system; it portends a menace to people living with HIV (PLWH) and even threatens the global HIV response.

Research is still ongoing to better understand the real impact of COVID19 on PLWH. COVID-19 can potentially affect PLWH in various ways, including increased risk of COVID-19 acquisition, missed clinic appointments, and interruptions of HIV treatment and care; as the attention of health workers is largely channelled to Covid-19.

Recent reports inclusively highlight the pressing need to scale up adaptive measures to continue treatment of the HIV infection. The impact is even much more acute for people living with HIV in developing countries. The latest projection by UNAIDS suggested that there could be an additional 500,000 AIDS-related deaths in sub-Sahara Africa between 2020-2021, especially if the coronavirus emergency impeded the distribution of antiretroviral medications.

Research has disclosed that HIV increased the probability of death due to Covid-19 from 78% to 95%. A wake-up call for us to double our advocacy in protecting the human rights of people living with HIV, and having easy availability to standard care.

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This solution can be deployed for prompt attention as well as protecting the interest of people living with HIV. Applaudably, the USAID has and still encouraging the world populace to act with empathy and kindness to people living with infections--while eliminating stigmatization and discrimination. Until more discoveries are made about the effects of Covid-19 on HIV, people with HIV should take all precautionary measures and recommendations from experts to reduce their contact with the coronavirus. We can Be Smart with BSmart Chart.