Development Pipeline

The core functionality of our platform can be quickly refined and deployed in any healthcare setting, connecting all the relevant stakeholders.

BSmart Chart App

Supports patient’s day to day management of their disease, e.g., adherence, nutrition, cognitive, emotional support, medication management, social discussions and the ability to connect with their clinicians in real time.


Supports HCW to provide the best possible treatment outcomes with all disease related complications for their patients, i.e., treatment strategies personalized and made precise for their patient.


Supports service managers in better planning of services and public health programs and identifying patient needs. Policy makers can establish needs at local, regional and national level.


Supports practitioners by streamlining the process of collecting and analysing massive amounts of data via an EMR integrated advanced analytics and visualisation platform.


Supports practitioners in monitoring and evaluating patient and service outcomes in real time from patients using the app (e.g., medication adherence, stigma and discrimination, physical/mental health, etc).


Supports clinical researchers in academic or private organizations in patient recruitment, retention, engagement and getting newly innovative products to patients through clinicaltrials.


Support healthcare payers to solve the major challenges e.g. pre-authorization process, making patient data is accessible while maintaining privacy and security, etc


Support government and other decision makers in leveraging innovative technology in the monitoring and supervision of public and private healthcare institutions, etc

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We are now exploring applications outside healthcare, including:


Linking different educational settings, local government, professional bodies, families, and social services, all with a pupil-centric approach.

Social Care

Connecting different social care agencies, private sector providers, community groups, local and national government teams, centred around the person receiving care.


Outsiders consider government to be a homogenous entity. But those on the inside are aware of the complex and often siloed structures. Imagine if information sharing and collaboration around shared projects and initiatives was as easy as touching a button.


Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and disparate. Imagine if everyone was connected, sharing information around the delivery of the end of product, with easy visibility of dependencies and the ability to collaborate and adjust effectively.

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