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What we do

We bring all stakeholder groups and harness the power of AI and data science to create a single patient-centric system, fostering collaboration, enhancing information sharing, and, above all, advancing healthcare. When all the data and all the people involved in care are connected, better outcomes emerge for the patient, and all stakeholders can work more efficiently, effectively and with satisfaction.

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How it works

Our AI powered technology brings together advanced data handling and analytics capabilities, connection, communication and collaboration tools, and robust information security measures into a single platform. Healthcare workers, researchers, government agencies and social support organisations are connected in an orbit around the patient, allowing them to easily work with the patient and each other to deliver better care.

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Bohemian Integrated Platform

Interoperability/Existing Systems

What results have we delivered?

  • 90% of users feel the app improved the regular monitoring of health outcomes
  • 87% of users thought the alerts for appointments and medication improved adherence to the treatment plan
  • 82% of users rated the ability to connect directly with health professionals as good or excellent
  • 39% reduction in doctors’ workloads and 42% reduction in nurses’ workloads
  • 44% reduction in waiting times
  • 14% reduction in clinic visits

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Our technology has been proven to be effective in supporting the effective treatment of a few diverse conditions and diseases, from HIV to maternal and neonatal health and continuous quality improvement.

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