SmartHIV Solution: A Comprehensive Approach to Tackling HIV Challenges


HIV continues to be a global health challenge, affecting millions of lives worldwide. Nevertheless, advancements in technology have opened up new possibilities for addressing these challenges more comprehensively.

One of these advancements includes SmartHIV Solution, an AI-powered game-changing technology for holistic HIV disease management, made up of five products (BSmart Chart App, SmartHIV Auditlytics, SmartHIV Manager, SmartHIV Clinician, HIV Smartlytics, and SmartHIV Trailist ). SmartHIV Solution is revolutionising HIV management and transforming the way we approach the fight against HIV/AIDS with the points below.

AI-Powered Risk Prediction

The BSmart Chart app sets out to transform HIV care by providing personalized risk assessments, empowering patients, enhancing clinical decision-making, and optimising resource allocation with its risk prediction capabilities.

BSmart Chart App harnesses the vast amount of data available, including patient demographics, medical history, laboratory results, and treatment adherence records. Using this prediction capability, it analyses this data to identify patterns, detect trends, and make predictions about disease progression (such as non-adherence, risk of loss to follow-up, risk of CVD, risk of hospitalisation), opportunistic infections, and potential treatment complications.

It also helps healthcare providers tailor treatment plans and interventions to individual patients, and optimise their care and outcomes. Safe to say it allows proactive management, early detection of complications, and targeted interventions.

Differentiated Service Delivery

The BSmart Chart app significantly enhances access, engagement, and outcomes for individuals living with HIV. It is tailored to deliver healthcare services to meet the specific requirements, preferences, and circumstances of different patient groups which includes Community Pharmacy, Home Refill and viral load sample collection & dispatch.

By addressing these individual needs, preferences, and circumstances, the BSmart Chart app contributes to personalized, stigma-free, efficient care delivery and by extension, helps healthcare providers allocate their limited resources more efficiently.

Enhanced Prevention Efforts

SmartHIV Solution leverages technology to bolster prevention efforts. Using mobile applications such BSmart Chart App to provide accessible and up-to-date information on HIV prevention strategies, risk reduction, safe sex practices and uptake of prevention services. They also enable targeted interventions through customised education, behaviour change programs, and reminders for HIV testing and counselling. By empowering individuals with knowledge and resources, SmartHIV Solution contributes to reducing new HIV infections.

Streamlined Diagnosis and Testing

Efficient and timely diagnosis is crucial for effective HIV management. SmartHIV Solution facilitates ease of access to rapid diagnostic tests, home testing kits, and online platforms for self-assessment using the At Risk Feature of the BSmart Chart App. This feature enhances access to testing services, ensures confidentiality, and encourages early detection.

Providing Treatment Adherence Support

Adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) is vital for successful HIV management. SmartHIV Solution (Bsmart Chart App) provides reminder systems to support treatment adherence. It offers medication/appointment reminders linked to existing electronic health record systems (e.g. NMRS/OpenMRS, DHIS2, Ampath), and personalized treatment schedules. By improving treatment adherence, SmartHIV Solution contributes to better health outcomes and sustained viral transmission.

Providing Telemedicine and Virtual Care

Geographical barriers and limited access to healthcare can hinder HIV management. SmartHIV Solution addresses this challenge through BSmart Chart App, providing telemedicine and virtual care, remote consultations, monitoring, and eliminating the need for in-person visits (e.g., lab results delivered via the app).

It also empowers healthcare providers to offer real-time support, adjust treatment plans, and address patient concerns promptly.

Health Monitoring And Data Management

SmartHIV Solution leverages SmartHIV Auditlytics and BSmart Chart App for health patient-level as well as program-level monitoring. While BSmart Chart App enables individuals to track their viral load, CD4 cell count, and medication adherence, Smart HIV Auditlytics provides real-time monitoring that helps identify potential issues early, allowing for timely interventions.

SmartHIV Solution as a whole streamline data collection, management, and analysis, supporting HIV surveillance, research, and evidence-based decision-making for improved patient outcomes. It also provides guidance and support, and improves overall engagement with care, leading to better health outcomes for individuals living with HIV.


SmartHIV Solution is a game-changing approach to addressing HIV challenges. It enhances prevention efforts, streamlines diagnosis and testing, supports treatment adherence, enables telemedicine, facilitates health monitoring, fosters peer support, and leverages data analytics.