Predictive Analytics
Patient Recruitment

Locate and find your patient in real time globally during clinical study planning based on your trials inclusion/exclusion criteria.

COPD Management
Patient Engagement

During the trial period, monitor your patients to minimise missed visits, important protocol violations and non-adherence.

Service Demand & Utilization
Patient Retention

During the trial period, minimise loss to follow up by sending motivational nudges, reminders, and appropriate information.

Resource Planning & Management
Trial Budgeting

Plan, assess and monitor the impact of scenarios on costing and determine the optimal budget for your trial using our AI powered SmartHIV Manager.

Value Of AI Powered SmartHIV Trialist

  • Based on your exclusion/inclusion criteria gain a real life trial population, allowing you to create referral network and drive optimal patient recruitment globally at the click of a button.
  • Cost effective patient reminders and nudges around their monitoring visits, progress, quality of life, comorbidities, co-medication, adherence and general health over time.
  • Save time, money and effort by shortening the amount of time spent on recruitment and monitor progress over time.
  • Share resources and information as and when needed directly to patients involved in your trial, e.g. trial results, newsletters, updates and changes, COVID-19, etc.
  • By creating your real life segmentation and targeted patient population, you can plan for and analyse behaviour in terms of adherence, planning for resources, service delivery and budgeting.
  • Using our AI powered SmartHIV Manager capabilities, you will save time and run a cost effective trial by generating necessary results comparing current clinical operations scenarios vs. future interventions.