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BSmart Chart App

supports HIV patients’ disease management with many features and functionalities that help take charge of their disease, achieve better outcomes and improve the quality of life. A first of a kind app that supports the optimization of HIV therapy in multiple ways.

BSmart Chart App

"…because many PLWH initiated ART while healthy, taking medications and attending appointments were visible signals of HIV status and highly stigmatizing"

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BSmart Chart App
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BSmart Chart App Download

BSmart Chart App is now available for download.

BSmart Chart App Main Features


By monitoring your parameters in day-to-day life, you are assisted in making better-informed therapy decisions.

Connect With A Buddy

By connecting with a buddy, you can have open, honest conversations about your HIV disease management.

Access To Medicine

By participating in clinical trials you will have the possibility to access innovative therapy.

Connect With A Clinician

By connecting with your healthcare professional, you can be involved in your disease management by sharing your data reports for discussion of therapy.

Therapy Compliance

By receiving motivational triggers (e.g medication and appointment reminders) feedback on your current therapy status and rewards, you increase therapy compliance.

Status Disclosure

By disclosing your HIV status using BSmart Chart, you can combat stigma without having to face anyone and feel uncomfortable, tailored to «who needs to know» and «what they need to know».

Brain Builders

By enhancing your knowledge and skills in HIV disease through interactive quizzes and exercises, you will better understand its symptoms, how it may progress, what treatment options are available, and understand what your doctor is doing and be part of the treatment journey.

Knowledge Hub

By accessing your desired information from legitimate sources on HIV-related issues and general health, you will get the intended benefit with up-to-date information and ensure the care you get is truly around your needs.

Support Engagement

By improving engagement in care, ART adherence and social support with other people living with HIV, through daily discussions, peer sharing, you will empower your mental and emotional wellbeing, leading to better health outcomes.


What our clients say about BSmartChart App

I may struggle to buy another phone which I know it is not convenient for me now but because of the importance of the App, I shall sacrifice other pressing needs now


The app is a great innovation, if I had the app before now I would have been able to track my viral load, suppression and also improve my relationship with my caregiver.

Client 01

I am married and it is quite easy for me because my wife is also living with HIV. There have been times I did not have enough confidence to disclose my status, this app could have helped.

Client 02

Although my past relationship ended because of my status, it was quite easy with my wife as she is also a person living with HIV.

Client 03

I have been discriminated against a number of times. For instance, I used to work in a place but got retrenched the minute the owner realised my status.

Client 04

It gives information needed per time based on my interest, ranging from nutrition to rights of people living with HIV.

Client 05