Predictive Analytics
Simulate Your Entire Hospital

An individual service or a specialty cannot be assumed to be independent, they are all interconnected. A&E, outpatients and inpatient specialties are all integrated to aid with efficient and effective use of scarce resources.

COPD Management
Forecast Demand & Capacity Needs

Forecast demand with at least 95% accuracy for your entire hospital services and establish optimal resource needs by specialty/department, e.g. beds, theatres, clinic slots and diagnostics.

Service Demand & Utilization
Test For Possible Changes & Effects On Key Performance Metrics

Simultaneously assess multiple changes to understand the impact throughout your organisation, e.g. staffing levels, beds, theatres, clinic clots and procedures.

Resource Planning & Management
Assess The Introduction Of Services

Evaluate the impact of introducing new services(s), e.g. a new eye clinic, a new cancer treatment center, an increase in A&E and mental health capability.

Cost Effective Analysis
Plan & Manage Your Staff Requirements

Predict and optimise staffing requirements for each specialty and department over a 10 year period.

Budgeting & Financial Planning
Budgeting & Financial Planning

Explore financial implications of change on costing.

Value Of AI Powered Hospital Decision Support System

  • Simulate random behaviors of your hospital and track individual patient's footsteps from initial admission to discharge.
  • Understand the bottlenecks of your hospital and the likely impact of change in other parts of the system.
  • Assess and respond to the needs of your local populations, both currently and in the future.
  • A state of the art system integrates every component of a hospital to find efficient and effective use of scarce resources.

Optimal Delivery of Services at Princess Alexandra Hospital