Predictive Analytics
Take Charge

Get individualized evidence based information and motivational nudges that will help you take charge of your HIV, and compare with patients like you in a smart and unconventional way.

COPD Management
Social Cognitive Quality Of Life

Track your nutrition, social cognitive, emotional quality of life, and their impact on your HIV, and compare with patients like you.

Service Demand & Utilization
Track Adherence & Self-Efficacy

Track your adherence level and self efficacy assessment over time and compare with patients like you.

Resource Planning & Management
You're Not Alone

Express your view freely, speak out loud and let your voice be heard by other patients like you.

Service Demand & Utilization
Connect With Others

You're Not Alone! Connect with others and your clinician in real time.

Resource Planning & Management
Challenge Yourself

When life gets harder, challenge yourself to be stronger, because the biggest mistake is doing nothing.

Service Demand & Utilization
Download & Visualise Your Journey

Track your HIV health, well-being and visualise your personalized reports.

Resource Planning & Management

Mentor others by providing support based on your experience.

Value Of AI Powered SmartHIV Patient

  • Gain evidence based and "Patient like you" perspective of HIV care and treatment services, including the benefits and barriers to accessing services and how to remain and be retained in care.
  • Gain a better understanding of what aspects of care and treatments are important to patient like you, when seeking, initiating, and remaining in care.
  • Explore accessibility and effectiveness of services from patients like you viewpoints, identify and address barriers to acceptable and effective provision of services.
  • Obtain information on transition from adolescent to adult services based on experience of patients like you.
  • Engage and interact with providers/clinicians because remote monitoring is made possible, no missed visits.