AI Powered Bohemian Solutions

SmartHIV Clinician
  • Personalized ARVs for precise prediction of clinical outcomes and optimal ART regimen selection
  • Co-morbidity management, drug interaction management and drug related adverse events
  • Resistance and mutation management
  • Predict hospitalization and readmission
  • Smartly engage with your patient in real time to drive adherence, improve outcomes and general health
SmartHIV Manager
SmartHIV Manager
  • Test different scenarios on your HIV service e.g. changes that will have the most beneficial impact
  • Explore the impact of changes in guidelines e.g. cost
  • Test prevention policies, e.g. PREP and PEP
  • Plan your budget and staffing, e.g. workload indicators of staffing need (WISN)
  • Scenarios planning of UNAIDS 90-90-90
  • Demand and capacity planning
HIV Smartlytics
  • SmartHIV EMR integration
  • Real time advanced healthcare analytics
  • Real world evidence insight via AI powered visualisation
  • Predict analytics e.g. risk of mortality, admission and readmissions
  • Evaluate service utilization by case mix
SmartHIV Patient
SmartHIV Patient
  • As a patient, take charge and get individualized evidence based information and motivational nudges
  • As a patient, track your adherence level and self efficacy assessment over time.
  • As a patient, track your nutrition, social, cognitive, emotional quality of life, and their impact on HIV.
  • Predict risk of cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, readmission and hospitalization.
  • As a patient, engage with you clinicians smartly in real time, e.g. when your concerned about your risk scores or general health
SmartHIV Patient
SmartHIV Trialist
  • Patient Recruitment - locate and find your patient in real time globally during trial planning based on your inclusion/exclusion criteria.
  • Create patient referral network for optimal recruitment
  • Patient Engagement - during the trial period, monitor your patients to minimise missed visits and non-adherence.
  • Patient Retention - during the trial period, minimise lost to follow-up by sending motivational nudges, reminders amd appropriate information.
  • Trial Budgeting - monitor costing of your trial using our AI powered SmartHIV Manager.